The hair extension or wig market features a wide range of products. Various styles and wig sizes weave, and bundles with closure are available. Bundles with closure are packs of several hair extensions. You can make a wig using hair bundles with closure. Once you have the wig, you can apply various techniques when wearing it. This post discusses some of these techniques.

Methods for wearing hair bundles with closure wigs

You can use several techniques to wear a wig made from hair bundles with closure. Below are examples of such techniques;

1. Using glue

The easiest way to apply a wig is using glue or adhesive. It is also the most common technique. When using glue, you must start by preparing your hair by braiding or combing it back and using pins to hold it in place. From there, you can put on a wig cap to protect your hair from damage from the glue and itching from direct contact with the wig. The next step is cleaning your forehead and hairline then applying the adhesive. Finally, apply the glue along your hairline, avoiding your natural hair, and put on the wig. The glue

2. Using a tape

One of the most common techniques for wearing a wig made from hair bundles with closure is tape. The first step is to wear a wig cap to protect your natural hair. From there, you must clean your hairline and forehead to ensure proper adhesion of the tape to your skin. The next step is cutting the tape into pieces to allow easy application. You will need a pair of scissors for this step. However, some brands offer pre-cut strips, so you do not need to cut the tape. From there, apply the tape over your hairline, avoiding your natural hair to keep it from ripping out your hair when removing it. Finally, peel off the tape and apply your wig on the sticky surface left behind.

3. Using a wig grip

You can wear a wig using a wig grip. Wig grips are excellent for people without hair. It helps eliminate direct contact between your scalp and the wig. Wearing a wig using a wig grip is also effortless. All you have to do is put on the wig grip about half an inch from your natural hairline, then wear the wig. It comes with a pebbled texture to hold the wig in place. Using a wig grip protects you from headaches caused by wearing wigs for long hours. The grip, which resembles a headband, redistributes the wigs’ weight and relieves pressure on your head.


You can also use hair bundles with closure to make weaves. A weave is where you sew the hair bundles directly to your head. You can either sew the bundles over a wig cap, silicone sheet, or directly to your braided hair. Many people prefer wigs over weaves because weaves are harder to make. Sewing hair bundles to your head or on a cap can be challenging. Therefore, more often than not, you need a professional’s assistance.


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