Knowing how to control sweats and face oil from ruining your makeup is priceless. You’ll stay ahead of trouble occasioned by excess heat and keep your cosmetics in pristine condition. While there are countless alternatives to achieving a fresh look, most of them tend to soak up quickly. They lack excellent absorbency leaving you struggling with a shiny and greasy face.

Take tissue paper, for instance. While it does the trick, saving you some bucks, they leave traces of white particles on your skin. But you desire something that leaves you feeling soft and confident in a great-looking complexion. Something that absorbs sweat entirely with a few dabs. Well, you wouldn’t be any happier using natural blotting paper with an element of charcoal to seal the deal.

You may be aware of the absorption prowess of charcoal. It uses the extensive surface area of the fine pores to bind sweat and oil effectively. The profound way in which it consumes dampness will amaze you. You only need a dab or two, and you are home and dry. As you would expect, it is perfect for removing perspiration without dehydrating your skin.

Large blotters that feature natural sheets lined with bamboo charcoal lifts face-oil perfectly

Oily skin can dampen your spirit in the middle of the day, just when you are about to unwind and step out for a sumptuous lunch. When sweat begins to creep up, it inspires discomfort. And it is the right time to reclaim your glowing skin by pressing the blotting paper to sap the grease.

When summer rolls in, be sure to add a natural blotter with large sheets on your shopping list. It’s handy when you need a quick refreshing. More so, the compact packaging allows you to keep it in your purse. And when your skin contemplates pulling its stunts, you are two minutes ahead of the game. It saves you the trouble of desperately reaching out for a restroom to wash out the makeup because a single pad absorbs the grease intelligently without traces of dull appearance.

Natural blotting papers with bamboo charcoal are excellent for removing face oil from all skin types

Natural blotting papers feature natural linen enhanced with traces of charcoal. It then means that they lock in allergens giving you an excellent experience instead of other brands. The only time you run into trouble with natural blotting paper is when you are a minimalist who uses one pad repeatedly. To steer clear from bacteria, practice the following;

  • Ensure to sterilize your hands before handling your blotter to block germs from your face
  • When buying blotting paper, keep in mind that it might irritate your skin. Therefore, stick with products that are friendly to your skin type.

Blotting papers with bamboo charcoal are 100% natural and biodegradable

While other products like vinyl plastics produce highly absorbent charcoal, they may pose long-term effects on your skin. Rather than running the risk and regretting later, choose a safer product. Together with their alternatives that include hemp pulp, bamboo is pure wood. They are friendly with your skin and with the planet too.

Unlike regular charcoal, bamboo provides highly absorbent charcoal to absorb moisture and odor. Aside from that, it has a highly porous structure capable of trapping and locking in allergens and other toxins rendering your skin healthier. When it comes to cleansing your skin, it removes impurities from your pores, thus helping in alleviating skin acne.


The potency of bamboo charcoal stretches back to ancient medicine, used to trap odors from wounds. Surprisingly, the technology has made its way to modern beauty whereby skincare products embrace it to restore skin health and rejuvenate it. Similarly, blotting papers that adopt bamboo charcoal aims at absorbing a plethora of impurities on the skin ranging from grease to excess moisture.


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