A common trend in the wig industry today is everyone wants to own a bangs wig. The reason why everyone wants wigs with bangs isn’t far-fetched – it’s the appearance. A wig with bangs gives a unique and different look that you can’t find on any other wig. Moreso, some types of wigs can’t work with your face shape. But often than not, a wig with bangs finds its way to sit well on any face, irrespective of the shape of the face.

The reasons why everyone is wearing a wig with bangs is an endless list. However, the different styling techniques are another advantage that these wigs have. You can style a bangs wig in four ways, including straight, side-swept, curtain, and the updo. Each of these styles is nice and enhances the beauty already provided by the wig with bangs.

While these styles are the most common, you can easily style your wig with bangs by cutting the bangs on the wig stylishly. Regardless of the style you want, cutting your wig with bangs always enhances the style. Another reason you may want to cut the bangs of your wig is the length of the bangs being too long. Irrespective of why you want to cut your wig bangs, you need to know how to cut them perfectly. Let’s walk you through the process

Step 1: Get Materials

If you want to cut the bangs of your wig, you’ll certainly need some materials. Therefore the first process will be to get all the materials you need first. These materials include;

  • A sharp Scissors
  • A comb
  • Sectioning pin
  • Hair spray
  • Wig stand

Step 2: Decide how you want to go about it

Cutting the bangs of your wig can come in two styles. You can cut the bangs while you wear them on your head. This style will give you an accurate picture of what you’re doing while you cut the bangs. However, this process can be frustrating and more prone to mistakes. Another way to cut is using a mannequin on a wig stand. This is a more convenient method where you can be more careful. However, you must note that the head of a mannequin may be smaller than your head. So we’ll advise that you measure the size of your head and compare it to the mannequin’s head size.

Step 3: Get other parts of the wig away

You want to cut the bangs in front of your wig, not any other part of the wig. To avoid any mistakes, you should tie the other elements to the back to get them out of the way.

Step 4: Comb the wig bangs to the front and cut

To have a clear picture of what you want to cut, you should comb the bangs towards the front. After that, you have a clear picture of the wig bangs, and you can cut it to your taste. Ensure you use sharp scissors for the cutting process, but also ensure that you make no mistakes.


Cutting bang wigs may seem very easy following the process listed above, but you have to be careful with the way you cut so you don’t end up running the wig.