Most people nowadays wear a wig to change their look and hairstyle. Wearing wigs is more common among celebrities. About 90 percent of celebrities wear wigs to change their appearance. And it is pretty normal to wear a lace front wig regularly as long as you take care of your actual or natural hair. Wigs are gaining popularity among black girls far more than ever. Wigs can bring charm and beauty to women, most significantly for those women who are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. Several questions come to mind if you are going to buy a wig. For instance, are there lace front wigs near me to buy? Or can I take a shower wearing a lace front wig?

For buying lace front wigs, you can search websites online and always buy from reliable and trustworthy websites. Below is a detailed explanation if you are worried about taking a shower wearing a wig.

Taking a shower with a lace wig on

Yes, you can take a shower wearing your HD lace wig, but washing your wig every day is not a good option because wigs don’t absorb oil or moisture from the scalp. That’s why you can use wigs without washing them for several days. But after a specific period of time, they should be washed properly. Otherwise, these can be unhealthy for your scalp and can cause irritation.

How to wash an HD lace wig?

· Check the water temperature

If you want to take a shower wearing a wig, you should check the temperature of the water. Too cold or too hot water can damage your wig. It’s better to use cold water than cold water in order to retain the shape and texture of your wig’s hair. Hot water can deform the wig as it will provide heat to the lace and lose its elasticity. Also, it is better to check the status of adhesive and glue before taking a shower. Some wigs become loose with time. Before washing or taking a shower wearing a wig, make sure that the wig is tightened from the edges. Any open space around the edges can help the water flow underneath your wig and damage your wig and natural hairline.

· Wide-tooth comb

After a shower, you should use a wide tooth comb made for wigs to brush the hair. Using a regular comb can make the hair entangle between the tooth of the comb. A wide tooth comb will help remove the knots and dirt from your wig’s hair. Remember that you can’t brush your HD lace frontal wig if the hair is wet, as lace wigs are made from 100 percent natural human hair. That’s why the hair gets brittle if you try to brush them in wet conditions.

· Direction of water

Always tip your head back before opening the tap of the bathroom shower. There is no doubt in it that the water directly pats the head. It’s better to tip your head back to let the hair get less water pressure.


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