Jump-starting a dead battery is the most usual solution. A set of jumper wires and another automobile (a good Samaritan) with a working battery are all that is required to jump-start a car. Always avoid endeavoring to jump-start a car if the battery is damaged and leaking acid. It’s a good idea to maintain a set of jumper cables and a jump starter in the car. Click here to know more about them.

You shouldn’t turn off the engine if the jump works and the car starts. To recharge the battery, drive about for at least 15 minutes. If the automobile does not start the next time we use it, the battery is no longer holding a capacity and must be replaced. In this article, we will learn what to do when the car battery is dead.

How to Tackle A Dead Car Battery?

The starting motor is supposed to spin the engine every time a motorist twists the ignition key or clicks the “Start” button. The 12-volt flooded lead-acid automobile battery, which is typical on almost every vehicle on the road, causes this process. So, what precisely can we do when the battery is dead?

1. Try Pushing It Manually

It’s difficult to forecast the situations that may force one to start their automobile with a dead battery. Ideally, we should park our automobiles on higher ground. The gradient will make it easier for us to get the automobile going and gain the necessary momentum to start it.

However, if the road is not inclined and the car is too heavy to drive, a person or two may have to push the automobile. The additional force will provide enough momentum for the vehicle. Turn on the ignition and shift into second gear as the extra hands push the automobile. We must wait for the automobile to gain velocity before releasing the clutch swiftly.

If the pushing start approach does not work, we must drive the car with an automatic gearbox. Otherwise, a jump starter is an ultimate solution.

2. Use A Jump Starter (Highly Reliable)

A jump start, often known as a boost, is a method of starting a motor vehicle (usually a car or truck) with a dead or depleted battery. A momentary connection is created to another battery or another external power source. The external power supply charges the crippled vehicle’s battery and provides some power required to start the engine.

Once the car has been started, its usual charging mechanism will replenish, so the supplementary source may be removed. If the charging system in the car is operational, leaving the motor running will restore the energy to the battery, but it is normally advisable to drive the vehicle for a few minutes after beginning to speed up the charging procedure.

Why Jump Starters?

  • Jump starting pack technology has improved in recent years, and these convenient gadgets have grown in popularity.
  • Jumper packs are an incredibly important addition to any car emergency kit since they are a self-contained means of quickly getting a vehicle with a dead or failing battery started, but they can also charge a variety of electrical gadgets.
  • Jump starters are durable, portable, and flexible, and can tolerate frigid temperatures or many jump starts.


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