Pillows are an essential part of every bedroom. Manufacturers make pillows of all sizes, no matter the type. For example, memory foam pillows are known for their many benefits and various sizes, like the pillows for teenage bedrooms. Not even toddlers or infants are left out as they need that extra support and comfort. The size of mattresses mostly influences pillow sizes, but other factors affect them too. We look at the different pillow sizes below.

Different Kinds of Pillow Sizes

Before buying a pillow, always consider the bed size or that of the mattress. Getting the correct proportion is essential not only for functionality but also for aesthetic purposes. The typical pillow sizes are;

1. Standard pillows

They are also called the traditional pillows as they are the most common, and their measurements are standard. The pillows are usually 20 inches by 26 inches. Getting a pillowcase is easy as they fit inside a standard one. Standard pillows are found in most homes and are basically used for sleeping. A single pillow is enough for a twin bed, perfect for just one person. Two pillows would be appropriate for a queen bed, while three would be ideal for a king bed. The size of these pillows makes them ideal for all sleeping positions.

2. King size pillows

These are the largest rectangular sleeping pillows. They measure 20 inches by 36 inches which is extra-long compared to other sleeping pillows. You require a king-size pillowcase to fit it in. Like their name, they are mainly designed for king-sized beds but can also be used in a queen-sized bed. Two of these pillows work well on a king bed, while only one is ideal for a queen bed. King pillows are too big for twin beds or any other mattress size. Despite the limited use, the length of the pillows provides good support, is great for expectant mothers, and helps curb muscle and joint pain.

3. Queen-size pillows

The pillows are 6 inches smaller than the king pillows. They measure 20 inches by 30 inches. They can fit in a standard casing, but the fitting would be slightly tight, so a queen pillowcase would be ideal, or you can have one custom-made to get the perfect fit. A queen pillow can fit in a twin bed, probably from end to end. In addition, they would work well on a queen bed by placing two across it.

4. Body pillow

Body pillows are usually long and can be wrapped around the body for support and comfort. They come in sizes of 20 inches by 54 inches, meaning they are body-length pillows, unlike typical pillows. They are mainly designed for pregnant mothers; however, side sleepers can also use them to minimize hip or joint pain.

5. Travel pillows

As the name suggests, they are mainly used while on the road, but they can also support infants or toddlers. They measure anywhere between 12 inches by 16 inches, depending on the user.


You can use any pillow to sleep on but having the right proportion is better. Settle for a bed size before choosing a pillow to ensure it fits perfectly. Also, get a pillowcase after buying the pillow unless you are going for standard pillows that fit in any standard casing.  Always choose pillows that match your needs because different pillow sizes serve different purposes.


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