A balaclava is basically a cloth usually made up of wool. It covers your whole head and the neck leaving space for your eyes, nose and mouth. These are generally worn in icy weather. Balaclavas are also known as skiing masks or balaclava helmets. You can get your custom balaclava in different colors.

Origin of balaclava

Balaclavas are named after a Russian village where soldiers wore knitted garments to hide their faces. In the late 19 century, they were used in wars by soldiers to hide their identity, or they were used to survive frigid temperatures. Soldiers used these to protect themselves from chapped skin or frostbite. In modern times, it is still used in cold weather in skiing or while riding in open vehicles.

Uses of balaclavas

Snowmobilers, bicycles or motorcyclers use them during heavy wind or cold weather. They are also used as ski masks. They can be used to wear under helmets. It keeps your neck, head and ears warm and comfortable in unfavorable conditions. Unlike covering yourself with a scarf, they are well-fitted, comfortable and require low maintenance. You can even tuck them in your jacket for better insulation. If you have long hair, it can help you keep them safe by covering them in cold weather and also protect them from dust in heavy wind. It is not only needed in cold weather but hot, humid weather as well. Balaclavas are not only suitable for adults but children as well.

Why is the material of your balaclava important?

A balaclava is usually made of wool. They are knitted from wool to provide warmth and to avoid itching. You should always consider its quality and the material before buying a balaclava as the face is a sensitive part. It should be stretchable and lightweight for you to be comfortable. It should be made up of material that helps you breathe easier and absorb sweat and moisture as well. It should not give a foul odour due to labour. Its material should definitely be kept in mind so that it can cool you in hot weather and warm you in cold weather.

Can you wear a balaclava under a helmet?

Balaclavas can be worn under your helmets just like they can be worn under your jackets or hoodies. As they are very manageable, you can even wear goggles without having moisture or humidity in them. Helmets usually have space from which air can pass quickly, unable to protect you from extreme weather conditions. Hence a balaclava does the job of providing you warmth, keeping your head, neck and ears safe from snow bites. Balaclavas are well-fitted, not too tight and not too loose therefore are very convenient to use.

Get your customized balaclavas.

Balaclavas come in different colors and different styles. You can get them in neon shades or the nude shade as well. You can even get them customized in dual shades. Or, if you like, you can even get your logo knitted in it so that it can match your style.


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