Pressure washers are useful for surfaces, vehicle and motorcycle cleaning, houses, concrete, amongst other functions. With a pressure washer, cleaning and washing your surfaces is a lot easier and more efficient. A pressure washer works with a pump and a water source. When you power the device with either gas or electricity, the pump increases the pressure of the water and makes it gather force, and releases the water through an outlet. Primarily, the pressure washer deals mainly with water and Pressure. But adding water to a dirty surface or a motorcycle may not necessarily get the dirt off.

For instance, let’s assume you drove your motorcycle to a place and found out that some oil was on the motorcycle. Using water to clean the oil will never work, no matter how strong the force coming from the water can be. This doesn’t mean that the pressure washer can’t wash off oily stains; you only need some soap to wash off some stains. Innovation is constantly growing, and we now have pressure washers with a soap compartment. If you don’t have a pressure washer with a soap compartment, adding the soap manually is not exactly an issue. However, you have to be sure of the type of soap you are using to wash whatever surface. To clean a house or a pavement, just any soap is fine, but for properties like a motorcycle, you need to choose appropriately. Here’s how to get the suitable soap to wash your bike;

Read Manual

When you buy a new device, there is usually a user manual that comes alongside it. As with many people, you most likely never read a user’s manual, and when you manage to look through, you hardly pull any information. Sometimes, your bike may have a user manual that specifies the type of soap you can use for its wash. Using any other soap not recommended by the bike is more like looking for some trouble. Likewise, most pressure washers with a soap compartment have the specific type of soap you should use. This information is usually in the user manual.

Join Online Forums

Online forums like Reddit and Quora usually have people share their experiences with products. Hence, it’s more like you are learning about people’s mistakes, so you don’t make the same mistake. If you simply research the suitable types of soap for pressure washing a car or a motorcycle, you will find some options. If the opportunities on this forum don’t align with the soap compatible with the pressure washer, you can add the soap manually.

Choose motorcycle soaps

In stores worldwide, there are specific soaps used to wash cars and motorcycles. These soaps have been specifically designed to have a good pH that does not affect the motorcycle’s paint. If your motorcycle or vehicle user manual does not specify the type of soap to use, then you can choose any of these soaps.


Choosing the suitable pressure washer soap to use with your motorcycle is as important as washing the device to last long. You can follow the process above to understand the correct procedure for choosing the suitable soap to wash your motorcycle.


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